General Lab Techniques

Lab security and basic techniques

Advanced lab skills


Molecular Separation & Labeling

Molecular Separation Molecular Tracer Labeling



Nucleic acid methods (1)

Microarray protocols.

Chapter 4. Genetics

Epigenetics protocols Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)


Molecular Biology--PCR Serials

PCR,RT-PCR,Real time PCR etc.

PCR (General Procedure)


Molecular Biology--Protein

Protein methods Western blot hybridization


DNA Protein Interactions

EMSA ChIP assay Filter Binding (1)  (2)

DMS Footprinting 

Immunohistochemistry / immunology

Preparing silanized (+plus) slides HE staining

Cellular Biology

General cell culture protocols Tissue culture techniques

Chromosome karyotype


GC/MS, NMR and Proteomics

GC/MS Background  Glucose metabolism and its related protocols

Animal Experiments

Blood sampling from animals

Basic skills for animal experiments

Model Organisms

C. Elegans protocols Yeast protocols


Chapter 13. HPLC and TLC

HPLC protocols  TLC


Buffers and Solutions in Lab

Commonly Used Buffer and solution (114 formats in alphabeta)


Chapter 15. Other Resources

Free eBooks at Library Online Super Textbook of Biochemistry



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